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Lash Extensions

Add more glamour to your look!

Get the eyelashes you have always wanted ? fuller, longer and more fabulous looking.


Roll out of bed looking AMAZING!  .


Volume Lash Extensions see your eyes transform while maintaining healthier looking lashes.


Your eyes will appear younger, larger and more refreshed.

3D Volume Eyelash Extensions are a repeat service beyond the traditional classic eyelash extension. Russian Volume

Eyelash Extensions are proven to out-perform classic Eyelash Extensions in longevity, comfort and health on the natural

eyelash because of the light weight application.


Those with thin and sparse natural eyelashes weren?t able to achieve a volumous look due to the  weight of a heavy



Today we can boost your eyelash volume up to 4 times that of the classic version of lash extensions

All lash extensions are styled to look beautifully natural, our brand is the safest for your natural lashes, they hold well,

look elegant and very realistic.

I will custom match each lash extension to your own natural curl and thickness on a hair-by-hair basis.


Your eyelid, you natural lash shape and condition of your lashes will determine, to some extent, how many lashes can

be applied and the speed at which they can be applied.



  • Weightless natural feeling lashes; like they're not even there
  • Say Goodbye to Tinting
  • Everyday wear, Weddings, Job interviews, Debutantes, School Formals and other Special Occasions
  • No need to wear mascara again
  • No more Panda eyes during sport activities
  • Eyelash extensions can last for months with proper care and regular touch-ups (every two weeks)
  • Longer, fuller and darker lashes
  • From base to lash, tip is tapered, just like natural lashes but better!


Classic Bold + Dramatic + Thicker

Single lashes .15 &.2 thickness
Full Set  
Half Set  

3D Russian Softer + Longer + Fuller

Full Set  
Half Set  

Mixed Classic & 3D Cant Decide?

Full Set  
Half Set  
Removal & Tint