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IPL Permanent Hair Removal & Skin rejuvination

IPL offers hair removal where you want it most



Face and neck, Underarms, Legs and thighs, Bikini/Brazilian, Chest and back, Arms and hands,Shoulders, Buttocks, Feet and toes

IPL can also treat a variety of skin concerns with various wavelengths targeting individual concerns such as:


Vascular (redness)






IPL skin

  • IPL Full face $209
  • IPL single blemish $60
  • Nose or chin $70
  • Cheeks (both) $139
  • Forehead $99
  • Decollette $209
  • Back of hands $99
  • Shoulders $259
  • Consultation/ Test patch $49- redeemable on treatment


Fast effective way to remove UNWANTED HAIR!

  • We recommend 6-10 treatments
  • Please book in your TEST PATCH NOW


IPL Hair Removal

A permanent hair removal solution that suits your life style .With  IPL  hair  removal,  getting  rid  of  unwanted  hair couldnt  be  easier.  Treatments  are  fast, comfortable and long-lasting when compared to other hair removal methods. Typically a minimum 6 - 10 sessions are recommended to achieve the best results.


You can be free of unwanted hair and those painful ingrowns. For the majority of people, Laser Hair Removal opens the door to a new world, where waxing becomes a thing of the past. Laser Hair Removal is the key to a smooth, hair free, and in-grown free skin and will give you the confidence to finally wear outifits you avoided previously!


Age, ethnicity, medication, hormone levels and body area affect the length, coarseness and colour of body hair, which in turn will influence the results of your laser treatment.


Before your  Hair removal session

  • Avoid sun exposure/uv for 3-4 weeks prior- this includes sun beds and use SPF 15+
  • Cover the area being treated when sunny or when on holidays to avoid building a tan
  • Stop waxing, plucking, threading or depilatory creams 3-4 weeks prior
  • Shave the area the night before your treatment
  • Avoid fake tan 2 weeks prior to ensure no pigment is left on the area to be treated
  • Check your medications and topical products on the area


Medication and products must be avoided

Certain medications, supplements, creams and other products can increase your photosensitivity or wound healing and skin integrity therefor must be avoided during your Laser treatments.


  • Fake tan, self-tan, spray tan- stop 2 weeks prior
  • Hair removal creams- stop 2 weeks prior
  • Citrus essential oils within body and face creams ? stop 2 days prior
  • St Johns Wort- Herbal remedy or prescribed ? stop 1-3 months prior
  • Oral retinoids, Vitamin A eg. Roaccutane, Oratane- wait 1 year prior
  • Topical Vitamin A serums and creams Eg. Cosmedix, Aspect Vitamin A skincare, or over the counter Retinol creams, Tretinoin (stieva A, Retin A), Adapalene (differin) ? stop 2 weeks prior if applied in the area to be treated
  • Common antibiotics, antimalarial and antidepressants- wait 1 month
  • Oral steroids- stop 1 week before and 1 week after
  • All other medication please check with your doctor for clearance prior to starting Laser treatments and have a written consent


Please note this is not an exclusive list of medications which must be avoided in order to have Laser hair removal. Also seek advice from your doctor before stopping any prescribed medications. All new medications or supplements must be advised to us prior to your scheduled Laser appointment.


Contra Indications

  • Vitiligo
  • Porphyria
  • Black Skin
  • Haemophilia
  • Lupus Disease
  • Gold Injections
  • Keloid Scarring
  • Present Herpes simplex
  • Xeroderma (XP)
  • Use of anti-coagulants
  • Liver or kidney disease
  • Photosensitive epilepsy
  • Heart diseases or pacemakers
  • Cancer of any form at any time
  • Severe high blood pressure or circulation problems
  • Deep vein thrombosis, varicose veins, inflammation of the veins
  • Warfarin
  • Pacemaker
  • Photosensitising drugs and other medication which may interfere with skin integrity



  • Cold sores
  • Skin disorders
  • Diabetes
  • Anti-inflammatory drugs
  • Anti Coagulants
  • Allergies
  • Pregnancy
  • Metal implants


Post  Care

  • It is normal to experience redness and follicle swelling for 1-3 days.
  • Hairs will be dead in the follicles and will surface appearing to be new growth, however these hairs can be gently exfoliated out of the follicle 7 days or more after your treatment otherwise they will fall out approximately 2 weeks later. The hairs will be sitting loose in the follicle if treatment has been successful.
  • The skin may become itchy or dry and it is recommended the use of Aspect Post Laser Gel be used morning and night for a minimum 1 week afterwards.
  • Do not scratch or pick at the area (even if small crusts have arisen)
  • If excess redness or heat is experienced use a cool compress for 1 hour afterwards
  • Should a burn occur, a scab may form. Keep the skin covered and protected and apply an antibacterial ointment such as Savlon.
  • Only mineral makeup is ok for 24 -48 hrs post treatment
  • Avoid scented lotions or washes and perfumes on the area
  • No deodorant for 48 hrs if underarms where treated
  • All chemical exfoliates or Vitamin A skincare can be resumed typically 3-4 days later or once irritation has resolved.
  • No exercise or hot showers, saunas or pools for 24-48 hrs
  • Avoid rubbing or tight clothing on the area that will irritate the skin further
  • No waxing or plucking in-between your sessions
  • Avoid shaving for a minimum 1 week afterwards


Continue to avoid sun exposure in-between sessions and wear an SPF 15+



Treatment Area

Full Price Per Treatment

Package Price  (6 treatments)

Skin consultation and test patch

Redeemable $49

Included in the package cost

Centre of eyebrows$39$195 - per session $32.50
Chin/ upper lip$39$195 - per session $32.50
Sides of face/cheek$49$246 - per session $41.00
Half face$69$345 - per session $57.50
Front of neck$69$330 - per session $55
Standard bikini$49$246 - per session $41.00
G-String$79$393 - per session $65.5
Brazilian$89$447- per session $74.50
Underarms$49$246 - per session $41.00
Half lower legs$159$795- per session $132.50
Half upper legs$179$897 - per session $149.50
Full legs (inc feet +$39)$199$993- per session $165.50
¾ Legs$189$945- per session $157.50
Half arms$89$447- per session $74.50
Full arms$149$747 - per session $124.50
Navel Line OR Areola$39$195 - per session $32.50


Half leg , Brazilian & u/arm$249                                                   
Full leg & Standard bikini$210 
Full leg & G-String$249 
Full leg & Brazilian$259 
Bikini and underarms$79 
G-String and underarms$99 
Brazilian and underarms$119 
Full leg , Braz & u/arm$279 

Mens Treatments

Beard$129$630- per session $105
Front of neck$69$330- per session $55
Back of neck$69$330- per session $55
Chest and abs$199$9547 - per session $159
Upper and lower back$199$954 - per session $159
Back and shoulders$249$1194 - per session $199
Full arms $189$909 - per session $151.50
Full legs $259$1260 - per session $210
Speedo$89$432 - per session $72
Nose or Ears$39$210 - per session $35
Back of neck and shoulders$119$576- per session $96
Full leg & speedo$279$1395- per session $232.50
Back, shoulders, chest & abs$309 $1545 - per session $257